Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Test 

What is a Pre-Anaesthetic blood test?

Pre-anaesthetic blood work is recommended for all animals that are undergoing an anaesthesia. Performing an anaesthetic blood test allows your veterinarian to assess your pet's overall health, ensuring that your pet is a good candidate for anaesthesia. 



What does a Pre- Anaesthetic blood test tell us about your pet?

This blood test can provide vital information regarding the general health of your pet and will highlight any abnormalities that may affect your pet during or after their general anaesthesia. These tests will provide valuable information about the internal health status of your pet, including the Kidney and Liver functions which are vital in metabolising the drugs used during anaesthesia. The blood test can also detect other abnormalities including, anaemia, evidence of infection, inflammation and determine the hydration status of your pet.



How does this test help during anaesthesia?

This test will help your Veterinarian decide if your pet is safe for an Anaesthesia. 

In some cases your veterinarian may be able to correct any abnormalities detected by altering the pet's anaesthesia. Your vet will be able to make changes to your specific pets anaesthesia by interpreting your pet's pre-anaesthetic blood test, physical examination and medical history.

In other cases, however, if more significant abnormalities are detected on the Pre-Anaesthetic blood test your veterinarian may recommend postponing surgery until additional testing or treatment can be performed. Postponing surgery until the pet’s condition can be thoroughly diagnosed and addressed helps reduce the risks during an anaesthetic procedure.