Pre-anaesthetic blood tests

We know that dropping your loved pet off for surgery is never easy, rest assure that they are in the best of hands. We use the most advanced anaesthetics, which are very safe, and pre-anaesthetic blood testing can increase this safety level even further.

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests examine your pet internally in a way a physical examination just cannot achieve by itself, thus detecting problems much earlier.

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests assess the functioning of the liver, kidney’s and protein levels. It is important to obtain a blood evaluation before the use of sedatives or anaesthetics are used as these organs are responsible for the safe metabolism and elimination of anaesthetic agents and therefore a safe recovery. Early dysfunctions of the liver and kidneys often have no clinical signs therefore blood tests and early detection is in the best interest of your pet.

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests also look for evidence of diabetes, infections, hormonal disease (e.g. thyroid and adrenal disease) and provide a good overall internal check.

Red blood cell counts are also included in pre-anaesthetic tests which will indicate any surgical risk in major procedures where bleeding is a possible complication.

It is highly recommended that pets of all ages (even puppies and kittens) have pre-anaesthetic blood tests prior to any surgical procedure.